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Nit- (from nit picky-in this case particularly with money)

a person with extremely frugal habits. That person will try to do anything (even if illogical) to save a dollar

Nit Tax-The additional money you end up paying because you were trying really hard to save a dollar.
You see gas for $3.00 a gallon and you think you will save 2 cents a gallon if you go across town to get it. However, it costs over $1.50 of gas to go get it. The nit tax is double what you wanted to save.

You try to book a car rental for cheap, you find the cheapest deal for the day. You wait because you know you can find a $20 off coupon. Then, you book the next day, but have to pay $100 more because it is now too close to the day you want your car. Your nit tax is now $100.
by Yangyflo October 02, 2010
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