Nirvana was over rated. Half their publicity came from Kurt Cobain taking him self out.
Kurt:My life is so miserable, I'm a famous rock star.
Do your self a favor and listen to some Pearl Jam. They were much better.
I know by now your probably going to vote thumbs down on this definition right now but at least i didn't write one of those stupid nirvana is the greatest band in the world defintions. i hope you all comit suicide!!
by o'sully April 08, 2005
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a. to reach total enlightenment

b. the bitchinist fukkin band out there
Courtney Love killed Kurt Cobain, the lead singer of Nirvana.
by rachel November 01, 2003
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OK nirvana was a good band and if you are think why people called them GOD because it was a new sound and people where sick and dier of RAP and POP.And mtv made them popular thay didint want to be popular and littal moronics didint unter stand nirvana ,Nirvana was great the beast new sound ok now there is going to be a new nirvana there not going to sound like nirvana or look like nirvana but there going to be fresh new sound and thats why people are going to like them becasue RAP is all the some now thay just say yoyoy and where is my money and pop is goign donw hill and so is rock all this pop puck shit is real boring and stupid and rock now is shit all this babby babby shit is going to make me puk we are leting pop take out we neeed some one to set up free from all this shit like nirvana did thay opined the mined of all and 30 years from now we will be looking back at 1992 we will be looking at nirvana not rap or pop and we will be looking back at his songs and life not at rap and pop and you see it has bin 8 years sint's his death but we still talk about him because he is a legend.
now that's what nirvana was not about populaty and his fans he hate fans
by matthew krynicki January 10, 2004
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a band that killed all of 80's style metal, but only to be stepped on by the greatest metal band ever that reigned supreme in the 90's known as P A N T E R A.
by MetallibangeR December 18, 2005
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A band that came around in the late 80's, refered to their type of music as "grunge." This type of music, was no music. Nirvana brang something new to the youth of America, and as oposed to Guns N' Roses singing about good times, sex, drugs, and alchohol. The youth began to like this weird ass sound and a psycho-path singing about killing himself, and how worthless life is. Not real music, an attempt at it by a horrible band.
by Wolfganag January 23, 2007
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Great Band. Completely dominated its times and is still great. Their lead signer Kurt Cobain, killed himself in the early 90's. They are one of the most influential bands ever.
by Fury1671 December 22, 2003
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