1. A person who is very good at whatever he/she does. Usually such persons are expert or champ in more than one field.

2. A versatile all-rounder who learns very fast and soon becomes competitive in any field he/she tries.
guy: what!!! you mean you're ditchin me for him?? but... i mean... why??
girl: cause he's like soo cool and soo nipun in like everythin..
guy: i'm coming.
girl: me too.
by LostInKorea February 4, 2010
intelligent, master at doing whatever he is doing
by nipun August 9, 2006
a person who likes to burn things after he is drunk
a person who is madly in love with disha but is highly intimidated by her awsome personality
oh im in love with disha...i think im becoming nipun
by ilovemilk October 15, 2006
A boy who is offended by everyone and everything.

He looks like a nipple
He is a professional tik-toker
why are you acting nipun today
by Joker00p June 4, 2021
Nipun is an awesome name. He loves to enjoy his life. He is perfect at almost everything. Kind hearted, self caring, a bit desperate yet soulful and hardworking person. He flirts a lot so beware girls.
Are you nipun? Because you are driving me crazy!
You are too good for this! Is your name Nipun?
by Clark'0070 November 23, 2021