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When you have a quiet shower by not turning the water pressure up to high so as to not wake up other residents within your residence who may be awoken by the sound of water flowing through pipes.
It was after midnight and everyone was asleep so in order to bathe thyself I enacted the ancient form and techniques of the ninja shower.
by majesticbeard October 26, 2014
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Scottish phrase used to describe weather conditions such as Heavy rain showers for short periods of time. Rain that appears out of nowhere and soaks you through to the bone quickly and then disappears without a trace usually followed by more of the same throughout the day.
Aye I got caught by a ninja shower. Oh ya hoor sir there's ninja showers happening. Got soaked by a ninja shower.
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by Kiltednutter August 14, 2017
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When you really don't have enough time to shower but your odor is driving you crazy so you take an extra super speedy shower, doing everything extra fast.
The ballgame was tied in the middle of the ninth, but I had to take a ninja shower just in case it went into overtime.
by barefootgirl August 21, 2011
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