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Something put together in a shoddy, inferior manner, that ends up being effective anyways.
"I niggerrigged the busted windshield wiper with a string so when its rainin', I can still see."
by JermajestyIV October 12, 2007
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doing things improperly but still getting the same ending results
That stereo is nigger rigged.
by fallenimmortal August 07, 2005
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4. nigger rigged

a word that came about whenever an african american was lazy and decided hey, instead of constructing a way to actually fix somthing, id just rather poorly rig it together with whatever materials i can scrape up. Word.

The repairs only last a very short time, until the item inevitably breaks again, and the process is repeated

Nigger rigs comprise of anything tied, wired, glued, or taped together, frequently involve coat hangers and duct tape, and are commonly used on items such as mufflers or TV antennas.

Check out that nigger rigged contraption holding that stereo together!
by tyree123 December 28, 2007
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to rig something up half assed so that it works well enough, but doesn't work the way it is supposed to.
I had to nigger rig up my cd player in my car.
by caitlin February 25, 2005
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Something improperly fixed, often mechanical or electronic. It is a derogatory term derived from "jerry-rigged" which came into use from the confusion of "jury-rigged," a nautical term for a makeshift replacement of rig that has been damaged or lost overboard, and "Gerry-built," which referred to the low quality of German manufactures in the latter part of the 19th century. Also known euphemistically as "Afro-Engineering" or "Colored Engineering"
all black people in the world, no matter where from, have always nigger-rigged their cars
by weapnsdealer January 12, 2007
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