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A ridiculous word with no meaning what-so-ever.
It was fabricated by some weird child that is convinced he is black.
Sorry sweetie, your white. Embrace it. <3
Ryan: NIEF!!

Andrew: Nief13!!!

Kim: Don't be stupid.

Andrew: Sorry. I like trying to be black sometimes.

Ryan: Me too.

Kim: Embrace the light, Children.

Ben: I wish I was a child of the night!! NIEF NIEF NIEF NIEF13!!!

And that is why Ben doesn't have any real friends.
by Irbdawg, Lil Kim, Big Ry March 29, 2008
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A nose fart commonly omitted by fat girls with huge bouncing boobs.
My brother, Ft Rob, makes alot of wet niefs
by Lil' BJ and K Rizzle November 05, 2004
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