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Being a nicky fishy is a special life style. To be a nicky fishy you have to be 1 bad ass cool mother fucker who everyone envy's and gets all the pussy you want. Only a retard would try to a fight with a nicky fishy, and you wouldn't anyways because everyone loves a nicky fishy. This word is used often on the east coast of usa in the new england region. You definitely need to have at least one nicky fishy friend.

There are some rules to being a nicky fishy

Rule 1: You got to be a guido
Rule 2: You CAN"T come from a ghetto town ex:Winthrop aka Glockstrop
Rule 3: You can't be a nobody either, there are no posers you're either nicky fishy or your not you cant say I'm a little nicky fishy cause that don't fly a real nicky fishy would kick your ass
Rule 4: Your not afraid of little pussies you got to tell them off
Rule 5: You got to be a stallion
Rule 6: You got to have the best hair all gelled back or greased back(this rule can tie into rule 1 but this is very important and has its own rule)
Rule 7: (there are more rules but they don't need to be mentioned you can get the idea of what a nicky fishy is by this point) this is the most important rule of all you need to have a dicky that you like to show
scene at a party

Guy 1: I'm going to get some pussy tonight bro

Guy2: No your not unless it's a fugly bitch because look over there. There's a nicky fishy at this party he already fucked two bitches tonight and he got a swarm of 10's around him he's showing his dick to. You have no chance of getting laid tonight with him here.

Guy1: Awww fuck! I wish i was that guy.
by mr. 56 June 14, 2010
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