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also see skull-fucked.
to do one in the various holes located on the cranium and sometimes even between the mandible.
i'm going to kill sunshinegurlie and nickg her.
by AdminMatt February 06, 2005
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1.) The curve-ruiner for engineering classes
2.) Bareback stripper who dances nude for pennies
3.) The Italian "Peach-fuzz" Stallion
Q: "Why did I fail my class?"
A: "oh yeah, because NickG fucked the curve up"
by robyn4green November 14, 2005
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The type of mate to steal your bagel but then throw it out when he realizes that it has cream cheese on it.
Trevor: "Oh man, I am gonna enjoy this bagel!"
Chad: " Oh sh*t, look out! It's Nick!"
Nick G.: *YOINK*
Trevor: "That's my bagel!"
Nick G.: *Opens bagel*
Also Nick G.: "Eww! You sick motherf*cker! Who puts cream cheese on a bagel?!"
by ppinmybooty November 01, 2019
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