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1. One's full name, or the expansion of one's nickname.

2. A nickname that is an artificial expansion of one's real name.
A: Bobbie? Is that a nickname?
B: No, it's her nicholasname. Her nickname is Bo.

His real name is Harvey, but we call him Harvolomew for short.
by usman noyo July 12, 2008
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An elongation of an individual's name utilized in the stead of a person's real name when said person's birth name is too short to form a Nickname. May be accidentally used at the annoyance of said person or may be purposefully used again at the annoyance of said individual.


Larry: "Meet Cassandra"
Casey: "My birth name is Casey..."
Larry: "Ha - okay Cassandra"

Larry: "Meet Ianovancovich the Third"
Ian: "Larry you're a dick"

Larry: "Meet Chipotlepech"
Chip: " name is Chip"
Larry: "Hahahaha who the fuck names a kid Chip?!?"
Larry is a dick who likes to create Nicholas Names for everyone he knows.

Random Other: "That's not my name"

Larry: "It's your Nicholas Name"
Random Other: "Ugh"
by kcandginger November 17, 2016
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