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Hardware processing device used in audio recording. Similar to a compressor but with built in "girth moderator" and "lengthing diode"

Frequently a tool central to the sound common to many "nu metal" acts.
"dude, that vocal is gonna sound wicked when we put it through the nibnob !"
by Hercules Factum December 23, 2003
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The perfect bite. The most delicious, delctible treat your mouth has ever had.
Imagaine the perfect bite...when you see that piece of cake staring at, not the whole piece--the bite with just the right amount of frosting. It's moist enough to hold itself on the fork but looks like it's going to melt at the same time. Yep That bite. That's a NibNob. Find it at
by Craving Controller March 02, 2011
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affectionate term for a botty nibbler, or a botty niblee.
Nib Nob, please come over here.
by Hank June 23, 2003
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