Not gonna fib.
"Ngf, the party wasn't as bad as I thought it was gonna be."
by DownloardingDefiner September 10, 2017
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"I love you guys, ngf" meaning "I love you guys, loving meant in a non gay fashion, a non homosexual way".
by aapsterdam May 13, 2010
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Not gonna front
To indicate that what you’re saying is in fact true
“I’d let that girl give me herpes for a night with her ngf
by Bootylicker63 October 6, 2018
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Nerdy Gay Fag

When someone is so nerdy it surpasses the use of "that's gay."
by abovelife July 1, 2010
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Nobody Gives a Fuck (NGF)

An abbreviation used to describe an event or another matter that is irrelevant and not important.
- I got an A in my final exam!
- NGF, man.
by Iganish August 24, 2014
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