cocaine with purple food coloring in it. Depressed old people who SAY they have "Acid Reflux" often down these pills and get high. Nexium is just a pill that probably doesn't do anything but give fat people the advantage to go back to jack in the box and order a few Big ass Bacon Ultimate Cheeseburgers. Shit.
Now there is the purple pill called nexium! Why do you think D12 made a song about it? Maybe because its actually.. coke?
by bojzzle July 10, 2004
The point at which you realize that you have to take medication and/or go to the doctor for your heartburn. and/or other gastrointestinal problems.
Ohhhhh, man! My stomach and my chest are really bothering me. I've reached the Nexium nexus!
by pentozali June 7, 2007