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Newc is a shortened word for the savory beer "Newcastle." An English imported brown ale with a honey sweet taste and a perfectly refined after-taste. Truely the most gorgeous colored beer and never too thick or too light.
"hey dude hand me a newc"
by spencer from san diego April 18, 2009
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(n) shorthand fratboy slang for Newcastle Brown Ale, perhaps the most disgusting of all beverages with the good fortune to be called ales. A beverage for retarded teenagers who have never tasted california microbrew, think hops are what you have when you can jump high, and who fancy themselves sophisticated beer drinkers for having a 21-year-old older brother who pocketed 7 extra dollars from the $20 bill he was given to "pick up a twelver of imports", and now have the mistaken assumption that they are above those who drink cheap American domestic lagers, and are not drinking a watery, flavorless piss beer.
I puked my guts out all over my foosball table after drinking 2 Newcs. I don't remember this stuff tasting this awful. I'm going to bed.
by Abel Rely June 15, 2011
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