Communists. It's interesting to note that the Patriots had all of this new-found success immediately after the September 11th attacks. The only reason that the New England Patriots won all of their Super Bowls as of late is because their team name is the patriots.
I wonder if the New England Patriots would have won any playoff games or Super Bowls if they changed their name to the New England Taliban.
by My name January 29, 2006
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term used to describe a girl that has a nice body but and ugly face (nice uniform but bad helmet) aka as butterface
Jamie Lee Curtis is a new england patriot
by bruedabaker June 17, 2009
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syn. - To Choke, To choke under pressure, can't win when they need to, THE BIGGEST LOSERS IN HISTORY!!!!!!!!!!
Person 1:Did you see that guy lose that game?
Person 2:Yeah! He must have came from the New England Patriots.
by cacapoopoopeepee February 04, 2008
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by grinch February 07, 2005
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The New England Patriots have re-defined the term "Dynasty". The Patriots are the greatest Dynasty since the creation of organized sports. They are led by a coach who has a better playoff record than Vince Lombardi, Mr. Bill Belichick. The Vince Lombardi Trophy should by rights be re-named the "Bill Belichick Trophy". Thank You.
Steelers fan 1 "We play the New England Patriots this week".

Steelers fan 2 "Thats not good. They own us and they are the Greatest Dynasty since man swung from trees.

Steelers fan 1 "Yea, and Tom Brady doesnt ride a motorcycle without a helmet."

Steelers fan 2 "What kind of retard would?".

by PatsR June 17, 2006
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the best football team in the world who wins the superbowl every year. they also piss of pussies from philadelphia who are just jealous because philly has not won a championship in a wicked long time.
The patriots are still the best team.
by beantown April 26, 2005
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One of the best teams to ever play in the NFL. Typically the fans of teams such as the Jets, Dolphins, Bills, Steelers, Colts, and Eagles hate the Patriots, but only because they are jealous of their recent success. They currently hold the record for 21 consecutive wins btwn. the 2003-2004 season, as well as the most consecutive post-season wins (10). They represent what it means to truly be a "T"eam. Some of the most popular players are Brady, Bruschi, Vrabel, Vinatieri, McGinest, and Seymour. They have won 3 out of the last 4 super bowls, and are hungry for more.
The new england patriots are FAR better than the jets, dolphins, or bills who are in their division. new england as a whole is the elite region of the country! Boston is title town, live with it....
by NEW ENGLAND DYNASTY January 09, 2006
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