Founded in 1960 as a member of the AFL and calling themselves the Boston Patriots until 1970, the Patriots were initially a mediocore team. Made the playoffs just twice in the 1970s and 3 times in the 1980s. However, 1985 featured a miraculous run in which they made the Super Bowl (as a wild card) after winning 3 straight road playoff games. However, they were crushed by the Bears in the title game (the Steelers became the first team to win a Super Bowl after 3 straight road playoff victories this year). Became a decent franchise in the 1990s with eccentric coach Bill Parcells and quarterback Drew Bledsoe with 4 playoff berths and a loss in the Super Bowl in 1996. Established a dynasty in recent years with Tom Brady, a former 6th round draft pick, as a superstar quarterback. Have made the playoffs 4 times in the last 5 years, included 3 Super Bowl wins. Won their 3 titles by a combined 9 points- Super Bowls XXXVI and XXXVIII on last second Adam Vinatieri field goals and Super Bowl XXXIX after holding off an Eagles comeback.
"And with 3 seconds left, Adam Vinatieri sets up in a tie game, trying to win the Super Bowl for New England. That kick is on the way, it's long enough and good! The New England Patriots have shocked the Rams and have won the Super Bowl."
by Sports Info July 03, 2006
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A classless and arrogant NFL team who represents the New England Region and play their games in Foxboro, Massachusettes because they do not wish to be associated with the Boston area or the rest of Massachusettes. This is typical because they have the worst fans in the League, even if they are loyal. They are sore winners AND sore losers. They mock teams win they win and mock them when they lose. The Patriots and their fans believe they are entitled to win EVERY game. When they lose, they create all kinds of whiny little excuses including accusing the other team of "cheating," the referees cheating, the sound from the crowd being too loud to hear the calls (especially when playing in a dome), communications being interupted, etc. The team refuses to take responsibility for losing a game and believe they are entitled to win it all. The Patriots have been fined in the past for cheating and videotaping other teams making their plays. They are Classless with a capital-C and not as good or sportsmenlike as they come across. Getting 3 Super Bowls doesn't mean class.
The New England Patriots are the most classless team in the NFL with classless fans to follow, who will mock ANY team they beat.
by krock1dk@yahoo.com November 05, 2007
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synonyms - To choke during the biggest sport stage, a big disappointment, a loser.
That's just horrible, its the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLII all over agian.
by p()()p()() February 05, 2008
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A team who successfully pulled the greatest chokejob in the history of American sports. They went into Super Bowl XLII with a perfect 18-0 record after going 16-0 in the regular season and winning twice in the playoffs before losing in the Super Bowl against the New York Giants.
The New England Patriots won every game in the 2007-2008 season...except the one that mattered the most. Can we say that this is the most overrated team of all-time?
by Gus Johnson February 03, 2008
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the patroits are a bunch of bitches and banwagons that pretend their team has been the golden team for all the years of nfl history. Their fans have a complete and utter lack of football knowledge and are the idoits of an nfl generation. they are a very cokcy fan base with bandwagon that stretches to canada and beyond. they should be hated and must be evicted from legue for their stupidity with idoit tom and his croonies.
The new england patriots have won the superbowl due to cheating.
by bills fan fuck the pats January 16, 2017
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