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A female aged 14-30 who has sex with multiple partners whom she met via the internet

see also: wordnetwhore/word, wordsecret ugly/word, wordsecret fatty/word.
I am going to fuck this little netslut tonight and then block her AIM name.
by Spencer S. April 08, 2003
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Someone that has no life who chronically checks nick's profile to see what his next move is. These people try to live his life vicariously thru his profile because they have a form of mental retardation. These people have also been known to suffer from herpes, obesity, and quite possibly gout. If you come in contact with a netslut you will have no choice but to bathe in bleach. No exceptions!
Nancy the netslut got a herpes blister after watching to much porn on tv.
by Joel B. October 24, 2006
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