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The internet-based third reich of the nazi party.
Jimmy: Hey!
nC Staff: Ban him!1!11
Jimmy: But I only said hi!
nC Staff: Heil Banstick!
by omfgwowow August 02, 2008
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A website that sells private game hacks aimbots and has amazing support and pwns in every game it supports. nC aimbots headshoot their way through any challenge. Though Punkbuster always tries to stop netcoders, their schemes always end up useless due to the nC vendors overall superior knowledge of programing.
Jimmy: Wow dudwtfhax you really pwn!
dudewtfhax: go to for awesome aimbots
Jimmy: wow thanks!
dudewtfhax: cheaters always win :)
by dudewtfhax March 13, 2008
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