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Someone who keeps up their Christmas lights all year long and don't throw away/burn their tree.
Warning: Being a Nerkle is not a good thing!!
Teddy is a nerkle because he always keeps up his Christmas lights. He is really cool so people still like him and he has a lot of friends (such as Matthew the Canadian)
by LJ From Ca 2 Ca August 21, 2007
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A Nerkle is a divine being. He originates from Gangsters and even Kryptic. He gets Nerkled almost every day. The name originated from NRC and he is special
Nerkle Me Harder!
Haha! Nerkle your so hot!
Nerkle you are actually so shit at cannoning!
I will Nerkle the fuck out of you
You are such a Nerkle!
That is so Nerkle
Bluebeast is a fat retard dégénérât faggot sped dipshit shitty as cunt ass leader Fuck dyke pedo who is 18 with a gf over Minecraft! Nerkled!
by Noah Coyle May 31, 2018
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