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probably the greatest place in the world. Its where all the lithuanians kids go to party for three weeks straight!! At this place you make friends that you will never lose. The memories that will last forever. You can't call this place a camp, its called Neringa or for many of us lietuvai is called home.
Nu blet as myliu NERINGA!!! valiooooo
by Kristute! October 10, 2007
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Neringa is a Lithuanian Name. It means forest and wild. This name is given for the bestest girls. Most of them are talented and with character
In Lithuania there are three tipes of people: , choiceless"marazmatinÄ—s" and "joptvaimatinÄ—s". And Neringa is none of this, she's fantastic
by Kirstina062 May 01, 2018
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