to be nerdy, but in a cool way. similar to geek chic.
he was dressed soooo nerdly!
by kleme October 26, 2003
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Some thing or someone that is nerdy, in a cool way...
a mix between "deadly" and "nerdy".
wow... harry potter is nerdliness. Its so awesome a geeky.
by HBPIA October 23, 2010
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nerdy Trekkie types who are always correcting your spelling or grammar.
That nerdlys is always correcting my spelling in the chat room.
by Red Night October 13, 2008
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Someone who is obviously a high tech, or tech saavy person, although at times may have difficulties describing tech terms or common computer terms to a lay-person or non-tech saavy people, at times leaving the audience dumbfounded.
How does a computer work? And don't answer me in some nerdly erdely way.
by yledre March 11, 2010
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