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Also known as nerd fish, nerd-fish,nerdfish etc.

A term originally coined in the early 1950's, and used predominantly amongst adolescent boys to describe fellow classmates. The term has homoerotic connotations, since to call someone a nerd fish(or any of its derivatives) implies a desire to copulate with them, due to a build up of sexual frustration.

Nerdfish was discontinued in the late 60's, as a result of children and adults alike finding the term lacking in what is today known as 'street-cred' , due to it's inherently negative connotations, and lack of versatility - in other words, it made nerds look bad, fish look bad, gay people look bad, and it was not easy to slip into a sentence.

The use of the word has since seen several attempts to revive it, but, due to it's lameness, it has thankfully not caught on. It is outlawed in the majority of the international community; Algeria in particular , where usage of the word is tantamount to burning the national flag and killing your family.

It is our responsibility as humans, to ensure that "nerdfish" and it's derivatives, do not sully the English language, for future generations.
" My word, that old boy is a right nerdfish"
"Jimmy, you're not that desperate, surely"
by coolbeanz4life January 16, 2010
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