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An individual who calls himself a christian, yet fails to act in accordance with the teachings of Jesus.
I've read the christian gospels, so I am able to spot a neochristian when he isn't hiding behind his false claims.
by dontknowhim August 16, 2009
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Modern era people making a false claim to being followers of Jesus Christ. They reject solid doctrine and embrace a Name it and claim it turn the other cheek dogma. They dismiss and ignore scripture that defines the fullness of God and Jesus Christ. They seek a feminized diluted gospel in order to appear loving and inclusive all the while rejecting the exclusivity of Salvation.
The Anderson family attends church every Sunday at a corporate State licensed church. They listen to sermons that reinforce the Global Doctrine of Interfaith and the deluded systems of modern interpretation of long defined truths. These truncated or "Buffet" Christians are following a path to no where and willingly invite others to join them. The Neo-Christian is waiting for a Cosmic Bail out while refusing to OCCUPY for Christ as commanded to do so.
by Dutch Joens August 17, 2011
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