The period of time it takes for one to entre a corner store or "dairy" and to come out again to find there scooter has being damaged.
I left my scooter out side of the dairy "nek minnit" I returned to find it damaged.
by master of awesomness January 4, 2012
Used at the end of a sentence instead of "Next Minute", then refers to something that has happened (usually pictorial).
I left my skateboard outside the store. Nek Minnit... (picture of broken skateboard)
by BananaVella October 21, 2011
Used instead of the phrase "Next Minute". No one knows its etymology (origin of word), except that it may have originated on the short-running TV3 show "The Jono Project". The phrase became extremely popular here in New Zealand and has been parodied many times since.
"Aww chur bro, makin' 2-minute noodles is easy as aye. Just boil some water, drop some noodles in there... Nek minnit... Hmm these noodles may need another minute aye..."

"I was talking to that weird girl Sharon, all was going fine, but nek minnit she hit me!"
by sahboh11 November 30, 2011