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An eccentric, Halloween-themed, tall and thin candied alien clad in a black and green striped turtleneck sweater. This sugar-lusting creature, originally thought to be agender (gender-null) is supposedly the Negative or 'Opposite' half of Dragon Ball Z's Cooler, and even has a similar appearance (save the solid-orange eyes, jack-o-lantern mouth, black elongated fingers/toes and the black green and orange striped tail). He is not a canon character, but neither is an original character. Rather, his creator aka "Magmarock/MAGLOAD/AlienFingers" often thinks of him as a persona, due to his conflicted happy and cheerful yet erratic, sadomsochistic and promiscuous personality.
"I'd put out an assload of sweets if I were you, I heard this guy you're catering for can be a real NegaKuura."
by NetherLips June 19, 2014
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