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A merger of the words internet and graffiti. Inspired moments ago by the urbandictionary wall. Yeah, aren't I creative? Anyway, something to the effect of leaving your mark somewhere for all to see, for good or bad. Sort of like blogs, only most people don't read them because it's like reading someone's diary, after they shoved it in your face. (though I will admit, some blogs are interesting... others just suck)

Pronounced ne-fee-tee (like ne in never, fee is what you pay (occasionally preceeded by "late," and tee, like a shirt, or what you hit golf balls off of if you don't want to screw up the grass)
Dood, I love bloggin, I am such a neffiti artist!

No you aren't, you're just a stupid kid with a privacy problem.

Shup man, don't hate my neffitism.

I don't hate your stoopid neffitism, it's your friggin' feminism that pisses me off!
by Hans le Noir November 23, 2005
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