unlike the other ghetto parts of montreal (uptown,lil' burgundy,texas,stl,DTP-downtown projects, verdun), N.D.G is definitely the ghettoest hood in MTL. it stands for "notre-dame-de-grace" but it is called N.D.G or just D.G for short, often standing for "niggaz deal ganja,""niggaz drugz & girlz,""no damn good" etc. It's on the westside of montreal and the most dangerous part of N.D.G is on walkley street. other well known drug spots in N.D.G include the corners of randall street, fielding st., montclair st.,chester st., and the co-ops projects on cote-st-luc.
Yo bregin! are they from uptown or N.D.G?! because if they're from N.D.G then they're cool guy. otherwise, we'd have to kill them.
by bunnfyah September 04, 2005
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Referred to as "the ghetto" by it's younger, "badass" residents, even though nobody's ever been shot and they all meet for coffee on weekends in their gentified overpriced coffeeshop. Borders on Cote-St-Luc, aka little Israel, aka Cote St-Jew.
I went to N.D.G yesterday afternoon and enjoyed some wonderful starbucks coffee with my aunt Lucy.

"ghetto" kid : yo mawn, me and mah crips were in N.D.G yesturday and we gott ina gang fight."
actual ghetto kid: STFU.
by montrealaaah October 04, 2009
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