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a vegan who makes others feel inferior and horrible, simply because they arent vegan.
NaziVegans need to learn to leave me the fuck alone.
by Anonymous September 06, 2003
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A sometimes militant type of vegan who isn't content to merely live with a vegan lifestyle and feels a moral compulsion to enforce his/her own ideals on other people. Problems arise because the vegan lifestyle is arbitrarily determined by a personal choice balancing prevention of harm to animals and convenience, and any attempts to force other people to conform results in absurd amounts of hypocrisy. (Animals are harmed in far more ways than just being used as food, and anyone who abstains from a diet involving meat products still necessarily causes harm to animals in some way, unless they are completely self-sufficient and don't use electricity or gasoline which both cause pollution when produced, grow their own food so animals aren't killed by combine harvesters, don't live in a house which uses matarials gained from deforestation, etc.)

A nazivegan claims it's okay to hurt animals only as much as he or she does.
That nazivegan was enraged that I ordered a turkey sandwich, yet he eats commercially-grown plants which result in the death of field animals during harvest. Who is he to draw the line for not only himself, but me?
by Sporkurai March 26, 2004
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Like regular vegans, they abstain from eating meats and other animal products and also abstain from using any animal based products. Unlike regular vegans, they feel it is there soul purpose in life to try to make non-vegans feel terrible.
A Nazivegan once tried to critize me for ordering a cheeseburger. I simply responded by saying "Oh man, this is delicous!" "You should try some, it's really good!"
by squrillyboy April 24, 2009
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