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A Navidi is a person who engages in random activities, including yet not limited to: headbutting people; pretending books are firearms; shouting out random comments at any time of the day; impersonating the GMA teacher; and getting a haircut like Aristos. A Navidi may also be confused with a Russo.
"That Navidi shot me dead with his Economics book today"
"Don't be such a Navidi headbutting that poor boy"
"What? Shutup you bastard guy" "Omg you Navidi"
"Hey, its Aristos from the surprise chef! Oh wait, its only a Navidi"
by Marcus J August 07, 2006
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Navidi is an amazing girl, who cares about others feelings and emotions. She is most honest and trustworthy you can't believe exist.........But she can rip you to shreds with no remorse...
'Are you okay?" asked Navidi...
by Emmalin Rodriguez January 11, 2018
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