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The overpowering orgasm that certain people have when alone in nature.
All summer they are red and pink and white tents of softness and nectar, which wafts and hangs everywhere—a sweetness so palpable and excessive that, before it, I'm struck, I'm taken, I'm conquered, I'm washed into it, as though it was a river, full of dreaming and idleness—I drop to the sand, I can't move; I am restless no more; I am replete, supine, finished, filled to the last edges with an immobilizing happiness. I think I just had a nature-gasm.
by MaryOliver July 10, 2010
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When you are so in love with Norwegian nature that you get an orgasm by thinking of it.
Only 95 days until I'm home in Norway again.... Urgh, I miss Norwegian nature! It gives me a nature-gasm.

Did you see the movie Bølgen? It gave me nature-gasm.
by utvekslingselev i USA August 22, 2016
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