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An epic you-tuber that sings anime and video game related songs he does parodies and covers as well
by NateWantsToBattle July 07, 2014
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Natewantstobattle is an amazing musician who is on youtube and one of the co-founders of Give Heart Records. He has lots of covers, video game inspired music, parodies, and plenty more. He officially has 1 album with no video game songs or anything like that, Sandcastle Kingdoms. He is also releasing another album like Sandcastle, Paid in Exposure. His career really exploded with the remastered version of Mangled
Me: *Hears natewantstobattle* Starts jamming out
via giphy
by Kaylathecat8 May 18, 2018
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A Youtuber who uses his dolphin-like voice to control the general poulation, forcing over a million people to watch his videos.
Person 1: Yo, NateWantsToBattle is great!
Person 2: What the f*** is wrong with you?
by Evilturtleeater January 04, 2018
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