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kinda like a narutard lol (basiclly the word naruto and otaku slashed together)
but besides that they have this thing going on about going to random less overrated animes and posting stuff like 'OMG naruto is sooooooo much betta than (insert random less overrated anime here)' can be ignored easiely at first but when another narutaku comes to help prepare for the loooongest chat buddy -_- cuz they don't shut the hell there fingers are some sort of 'super - non- stoping - till - you - become - a - narutaku - too' fingers o_O
last week i saw two narutakus arguing about naruto on a shaman king video >.>
they fill out like 3 whole pages or maybe more since i coldn't take anymore narutaku-ness T_T
by an anti-narutaku person May 24, 2008
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