abbv. for Name definitions here on UD.
If someone defines someones name, it a name def, or ND.

Very common to def someones name in a defamatory way, like "shaun - the cheapest MF ever, cheats on everybody....", or in a good way: "Brad - the cutes guy ever..."

A name def is considered by UDitors to be a good reason NOT to publish a def, or to remove.
Uditor 1: I found a defamatory name def, so I removed it.
UDitor 2: Yeah, I got several, both positive and negative, and didn't publish them.
by Elliken May 10, 2010
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An Art is someone you can count on. They're very loyal, knowledgeable, and somewhat outgoing.

Arts tend to be some of the most considerate human beings in existence. Not just in their social lives, but also in their decision making. They really tend to think things through rather than taking the risk of doing anything on impulse.
Even if an Art (name def.) may seem as if they've got authority over some, it's for a good reason.

I had to include (name def.) since it didn't recognize Art by itself.
by November 22, 2021
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