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Kapu is a community found mainly in the Southern Indian State of Andhra Pradesh they are also concentrated in States like Tamil Nadu,Karnataka and Orissa.The term Kapu / Kaapu in Telugu means Protector.The community is primarily an Agragarian Community They are also referred to by their caste titles Naidu and Setty and make up about 22% of the state's population
1.Kapu/Naidu in the Pre Kakatiyan period referred to soldiers and agriculturists.
2.Kapu/Naidu were the Rich and Powerful Traders and Merchants of the Kakatiya Dynasty.
by radhakrishna November 13, 2006
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a naidu is commonly a tamil man who is known for the amount of poronographic video that can be watched simultaneously. the species of naidu also averagely have 3 inch penis' and can excessively shrink during old age.
1. woah that much porn in 1 day?! must be a naidu right there/
by Nsmith April 02, 2008
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