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see nigger
white trashes way of saying the n word

ja mon it be t3h racist term.
"Hey look Jim, it's one of em summ-bitch naeger around here. Let's kill is ass. Wait there's no more beer, dammit! You many win this battle this time naegger, but we'll be back!"
by anon November 15, 2004
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A diplomat to the core. Ensuring peace and creating balance for all the involved parties.

You love to mingle and socialize with other people. Wanting to look good they place a certain value to good appearances or having trendy clothes.

Able to meet all situation with ease. If somebody tries to limit your freedom in any shape or form it is not appreciated. Personality of Naegger
Navy Soldier 1 : "You are racist for saying Naegger!"
*Navy Soldier 2 enters the game*
Navy Soldier 2 : "You are such a Naegger for saying that."
by HuntsmanRenegade August 22, 2017
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