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she is the fukin hottest chiq you'll ever meet, completely beautiful
she is teen royalty, waitin for the day until she's all mine
by baller April 02, 2005
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An insanely HOT girl with a BOMB ass body. She has the best smile you will ever see and cares sometimes about others. Not often tall, Looks amazing with and without makeup. Guys often fall for her easily but don't reach the standards she will embrace. She would win a beauty contest anywhere she goes (that's how hot she is) and could make other girls despise her. Bouncing Booty (__!__) with rounded tits ( . )( . )
"Dude you've got Nadja as your Girlfriend?!Lucky ass."

Hey man how's you bomb ass girl Nadja?
by ;);):):)00 November 29, 2016
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a beautiful gorgeous chick who gives reall good sex.
and is amazing at kissing
She is such a Nadja!
that chick is soo Nadja.
eww shes no nadja!
by babyboy8844 November 30, 2007
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A very rare name.
Mainly used by Russians and Serbians
Origin: Russian
Meaning: Hope
Pronounced: Naa Jah
Nadja is a very unique, strong, confident, and intelligent female.
by BALTIC February 04, 2008
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A Nadja is a very busy woman, who is also hot and horny at the same time.
Also pronounced NAD.....JA.
Likes to shake her booty but be careful: sometimes she has sand in the vagina and will be totally pissed.
A Nadja also loves buttseckz.
Guy A: I met Nadja.
Guy B: did she shake her booty?
Guy A: Yes,and she seduced me when I was drunk.
Guy B: WTF, you got NADJA'D!!!
by BarΓ­ February 04, 2005
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An amazing person with an amazing smile, always brightens your mood when you need it most and she is just a needle in a haystack, she's rare to find because she is so special. Most guys will fall for her, but her parents are amazing.
Nadja is a cute oneπŸ€—
by AlpacaOverlord628 August 30, 2018
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