Frequently used ebonic phrase that usually translates as:
1) "You know what I mean(?)"
2) "(Do you) comprehend?"
3) "Catch my drift?"
by supernintendo_chalmers February 9, 2005
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Yo I stuck a fuckin cucumber right up that slut's asshole, na mean?
by vaginer February 6, 2003
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"Oh, humble friend of mine, are you able to understand the finer points of that which I am currently attempting to get across to you, good sir, using the finer forms of the english language, which I would never slaughter nor compress a full sentence into a two word phrase that, when looked upon when placed into text, would cause English professors nationwide to spin in their graves, including those that have yet to be deceased?"
Ah, I do say, Sir William, this tea is most certainly delightful, na mean?
by [DAC]Dave July 14, 2005
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a shortened form of "know what I mean?" used in various US cities but particularly in the midatlantic region of the US.

Can be used either as a quesdtion or rhetorically.

It is said that in Philadelphia there are 11 forms and intonations ranging from "na mean" to naw mean" varying in tempo and pitch.

A: "Damn, that jawn is tight!"
B: "Na mean, kid"
by DJ PennyPincher May 31, 2006
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shit nigga, dat bitch asshole so loose i fit my whole hand in mean nigga?
by cassie June 8, 2004
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"Do you understand what I am saying"
na nigga you gave me 4 dollas fo that Old E...yo change is only 2 bills na mean
by Eric January 21, 2005
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"do you get where I am coming from with the point I am trying to raise?"
yo, nigga since I got up out da joint, I've had dis weird shit with fucking nigga's all up in thur asses, na mean?
by Fraggle ROCKS! January 22, 2005
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