Something used to mean rubbing in face.
mike: "i cant wait to just shove my watch in peoples faces all like na na na na"

beka: "wow"
by Bekka Boo February 25, 2008
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A name that frequently appears in songs in all languages and from all backgrounds.
Rhianna song "Oooh Na-Na, what's my name?" and Ram Charan's song (Orange, the bollywood movie) "Where are you Na-Na?"
by ily Na-Na December 19, 2010
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ichi, ni, san, yon, go, roku, nana.
by murasaki January 26, 2004
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short for the word vagiNA

used in "The Yummy Song" by Baby Bash
by GaaaGaaa December 30, 2006
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Pussy coochie vagina snatch nookie
If the na na's to tight i through some jelly on

-Big L, Niggas PLease
by MicGregor November 2, 2007
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Commonly used to describe a particularly odoriferous genitalia
i.e., "She's got the ill na-na"
by Sir Daniel Gooch August 2, 2003
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The vertical lips of a female located between the hips. Also known as vagina, pussy, clit, or secret girl hiding place.
Im the King of the na na!
by B-Trizzle April 13, 2005
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