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The reverse of pwning nOObs. To pwn nOObs someone would humiliate or "own" a novice or bad player. While to nOOb pwns you use elementary or basic tactics in a game to beat people who are veterans or pride themselves in their ability to game.

This can occur many video games but mostly first person shooters such as COD, Halo, Counter Strike, etc.
COD player: This tenth prestige was trying to drop shot me with a PPsh and i just walked up and knifed him.

Friend: Wow way to nOOb pwns

Halo player: This level fifty General naded me and then attempted to jump bash me. I took out my energy sword and nOObed him hard.

Friend: Haha he thought he was gunna pwn you too.

Halo player: i know that pwn just got nOObed real bad.
by whyisqwertyuiop[]\taken August 30, 2009
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