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A group of skiddies that do not have proper coding abilities. The most that this skid group can do is talk about how "nobody cares" when they are unable to compete or do anything with any other individual or group, another is gathering intel and talking shit, and laughing at what you say even though its not funny, just so that they could seem cool. This group is consisted of mainly rl-failures, 20+yr older fags, and fat people. Some of which think they are the shit because they can smoke, not realizing that just about every group has smokers.
Guy: Hey skid
Guy: Do you even know how to program?
n0ths : shut up fag, nobody cares about you
Guy: Really? I'm loved actually. How about you? Do you have a girlfriend or some friends?
n0ths : haha shut up before your docs get dropped
Guy: Okay, good luck
n0ths : nobody cares about you
by NonFag April 22, 2009
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A group of security 'experts' who think they are the buttsecks of the net, but really are just a bunch of 14 year olds who make mediocre PHP tools.
thedefaced: "n0ths phucking phailz"
n0ths: "u skidz r ripped our code!!!"
thedefaced: "Come back post-puberty pl0x"
by EyesInTheBackOfOurHead November 02, 2008
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