What you get when you try to teach an old reptile a new trick.
Jason: Quit being such a n00basaurus, Quincy, and go fetch my calculator.
by The Faucet July 20, 2005
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Primative n00b. Before the dawn of time, lived the n00basaurus a carnivor that lived in middle eastern versions of cyberspace.
The n00basaurs used to rule the internet world!

Ahh a n00basaurus Rex attacked the elite gamer.
by Jeff Dunn April 06, 2005
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absolutely incapable of anything, probably cannot even spell their own name
n00basaurus # 1: i just ran a stop sign
n00basaurus # 2: i just ran OVER a stop sign
by ronnnieeee June 16, 2008
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(noob-uh-sohr-es reks)
noun. ella
noun. one who says / does stupid shit
god damnit, ella is such a fucking n00basaurus rex
1337 (1:54:56 AM): what did you catch up on?
n00basaurus rex (1:56:25 AM): Ya
n00basaurus rex (2:03:33 AM): Ok lol I think im still missing it
(how is that answer relevant to the question..)
by barbara tweed February 10, 2008
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