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The process where stories are passed down orally from generation to generation, causing details to be embellished, falsified, and forgotten, can render a true story into a myth.
The Trojan war being fought over a skirmish of the gods is a mythconception; the war was actually fought over tin.
by JasontheFuzz July 12, 2009
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1. The intentional ignorance of facts and outright statements of intention in lieu of what the media and other misinforming sources have convinced one to believe without hard evidence.

2. Widely held and promoted conceptualizations that have no basis in reality when hard evidence is analyzed.
True universal health care reform as the basis for the actual health care bill is a gross myth-conception propagated in general by masses of sheeple.

The Divinity implicit in nature has been brushed aside by those with the myth-conception that Creationism only entails myth-information unrelated to science.
by coffeetalk March 24, 2010
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