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Derivation: Myology is the study of muscles--it's a complex branch of anatomy & physiology. Anatomy uses the term aponeurosis to refer to a flat sheet of connective tissue that connects a muscle to, for example, the spinal column, as in the thoracolumbar aponeurosis of the lower back. But doesn't aponeurosis sound like a mental health condition? Maybe it's related to myoneurosis, the severe stress response exhibited by students who are overwhelmed when they have to learn the medical names for muscles, along with technical terms for the actions each muscle enables and the specific nerves that connect muscles to the brain.
Robert arrived home to find Marta weeping. She was sitting on the floor surrounded by anatomy diagrams, scattered flash cards, empty ice cream pints, and candy wrappers. "OMG, OMG, OMG," Marta shrieked, spilling her coffee, "I'll never learn all of these muscles before the huge exam!" Robert tried to sooth her. "Take a deep breath, my dear... That's just your myoneurosis kicking in. Don't let it psych you out!"
by Gawdamned Yankee December 28, 2015
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