An amazing person. That fits its exotic name. Outgoing for an outgoing person.
by Ejpugliese123456789 March 14, 2017
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Simply stated as "myy niggaa," while reenacting the mannerisms of Alonzo Harris (Denzel Washington) from the film Training Day. This phrase is typically used when referring to or speaking with your homey or best friend.

In many cases, the "my nigga denzel training day" GIF or meme may be used when communicating with your best bud over instant messaging.
J: "Yooooo Patrick!"

Patrick: "Yo, what up J?"

J: "Did you see that white girl's soft, thick and fat ass? Isn't it so juicy and ghostly pale? Don't you just wanna stick your nose in it???

"Hell yeah bro, fuck yea"

"myy niggaaaaa" (inserts Denzel meme).
by TheAnesthesiologist October 21, 2019
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Myy is the best person you’ll find. A beautiful goddess who’s good at math and acting (most known for her role as örpen in the film The Good One by Örren produktion).
Myy is smart and lovable and makes amazing brownies. Myy is anti-social and hates human interaction but loves cats (not the musical). Her favorite past time is sleeping and eating her brownies.
Aava: is that örpen?!
Ted moasby: No that’s her beautiful goddess like actress Myy
Aava: I love her brownies!
by Teddy west side October 23, 2018
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