An endearing term often used by a man/woman when talking to a girl they are in a relationship with or care deeply about...
"I love you"
"I love you too my princess"
by cease.holly August 8, 2017
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Gamer talk for "save my progress"
This next guy is really tough, I should shave my princess before I fight him.
by Patchan November 29, 2010
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The way in which you talk to me is so happy inducing, it makes me feel such a rush of positivity that I sit and need do something psychical like clap rapidly to just get all my joy and excitement together and express it, you make me feel so warm and comfortable within myself to be myself around you, makes me feel a lot safer and more secure in this relationship when I can come to someone who makes me feel ever so safe along with the comfort to be how I really am without needing to hide something.

I adore the way you look to a point of tears where I can't hold it together and my body sheds tears over your beauty, I get anxious and worried about how you feel about your look as all I ever see is the same model I've ever seen since I met you, you're the girl that has the body I would dream to be with and the face that seems impossible to call mine, you make my eyes feel such highs when they are gifted with you to look at.

Your body makes me feel a spark of feeling, a jolting like feeling of electricity, I will never be able to get over your body, with each curve you make me fall more and more in love with your stunning hour glass figure and the S shape you have, I can't describe how beautiful you are because nothing will ever do you justice for the real beauty you behold.
My Princess Ally ๐Ÿ’– 06/09/2021 PR2
by All(y)entine September 28, 2021
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I know that when we see each other is when all of these words mean the most and that they will stick around forever like the time we will remain, I will always be with you from the day that goes to the night that passes, there is not a moment in time now where I won't have your heart by mine in the darkness of the night I know we can both see the moon and feel closer together because we can both see it too.

I will always be with you now Ally, this is forever, and I will always look after you and you will always be cared for now as a priority of this.

I will be yours forever and will make sure I keep you as mine, I know you love the possessiveness but when I say you are mine, you are mine, I love you and I am never losing you now that I have you.

I love you,
My Princess Ally ๐Ÿ’– 06/09/2021 PR4
by All(y)entine September 28, 2021
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A beautiful, funny girl with the most amazing eyes to ever look at, with a body that I get to see every day as my own that has such an amazing figure with the face of a pure angel to fall in love with every second of grace she gives off, I wouldn't be as happy as I have been for the last 3 weeks without you in them, I hope that I've done the same for you because you deserve everything and more, I find your face and body to be a dream and golden thing to always want to call my own, there isn't a single thing about you that I would change about you, there is something so amazing about how I find you and that's because to me you're the most beautiful girl in this world.

Your personality is something of heaven, with your ability to make jokes and take so many is something beautiful when so many people can't handle things anymore with jokes, there is such a compatible mesh that we can always come together and enjoy the time we get together because your company is the best I've ever experienced.
My Princess Ally ๐Ÿ’– 06/09/2021 PR1 mwah
by All(y)entine September 28, 2021
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Your personality and humour is like being with the best friend you've known since forever with always know the right joke and the right time to know how to make each other laugh you make it feel like the girl of my dreams is just the best friend I've met again and fallen in love with.

The joy you bring me is like no other's from the jokes to the affection you do nothing but bring me joy, warmth, safety and happiness; you make worries go away and you make warmth flood my heart and security calm myself. There isn't a thing about you Ally that isn't a thing of gold and pure, I love everything of you from the curves of your body, to the stunning look for your face to the magical centre of you which is your head and heart to bring together all those looks with someone that is magnificently funny along with being someone who is comforting and a real joy to be around and create such a good place to be in.
My Princess Ally ๐Ÿ’– 06/09/2021 PR3
by All(y)entine September 28, 2021
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Do to most males calling objects female. This term referring to a Japanese made vehicleโ€™s. Also the male version of prince can be used as well.
Female reference to a car.
โ€œThis is my Japanese princess a Subaru Outbackโ€.

Male reference to car or truck.
โ€œThis is my Japanese prince a Nissan Frontierโ€.
by Hankscolts February 23, 2022
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