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a joke made in 22 jump street that originally made all of us slightly chuckle so naturally the fucking idiots on vine blew it up and now it is fucking everywhere and annoys the shit out of all of us
Tom: Hey dude check out this vine
Mark: ok
Tom's phone: OH NA NA WHAT'S MY NAME?

Tom: wait for it
Tom's phone: MY NAME IS JEFF
Mark: HAHAHAHAHA wow that is comedy gold
Tom: told u
by Bartholomew Peanut December 17, 2014
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when you don't wanna say your real name to someone or don't wanna tell someone your name in an awkward conversation
Asshole Substitute Teacher: "WHAT'S YOUR NAME GO TO THE DEANS OFFICE!!!"
Me: "My Name Is Jeff"
*skips rest of class because sub told the dean he sent Jeff down*
by MehhNameIsJeff March 07, 2015
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