Gipsy word for cops. Usually meant in derogetory form.
That fucking musker searched my house!
by Bubba S. March 09, 2006
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Romany word that means police.

It means the same as gavver.

Used by all Romany across England.
Dordy mush, that's a musker siren I can hear! Let's get out of 'ere!
by RomanyMush January 07, 2018
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sexy danish man, usually a European gentleman, with luscious brown hair. Attacks Indian girls like it is his job.
damn, look at that musky musker staring at me from across the bar! he's so sexy.
by mortenaa February 14, 2010
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Any individual who is part of the Dragon Musk crypto currency community and holds Dragon Musk Tokens.
Elite Community members display the Dragon Musk logo as their profile picture.
How did Elon afford that Lambo?
Oh that's right, he's a Dragon Musker
by Dragon Musker May 07, 2021
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