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someone who fucks with & has great knowledge of music. music version of art hoe
Becky listens to Deerhunter! She's a music hoe just like me
by pricele$$ May 21, 2015
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A girl/guy who loves music and musicians, dresses in ripped jeans, music t-shirts, and Adidas or vans. They're super chill probably because they smoke weed. Girls love wearing winged eyeliner and minimal jewelry. Not necessarily hoes in the traditional sense, but give off the same vibes. May write their own poetry and/or play an instrument.
Jake: Woah who was that girl with the black hair in the record store you were talking to?
Kianna: Oh that's my friend Marissa, she's a music hoe. Do you want her number?
by SuperLoser July 08, 2015
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