Conjunction of munted + retard = muntard.
A person who is already a bit of a retard who does something stupid,becomes a muntard.
"Yeah, Mike was a bit of retard back in the day but once he started working with Jen he turned into a bit of a muntard"
by Nelly Retardo November 05, 2006
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A cross between

'munt' and 'retard'

used as an DESCRIPTION of a person when something happens to make them look both ugly and stupid.

NOTE: This is not a gratuitous offence towards people that look different and are mentally deficient, this is ONLY applicable in it's serious sense to people that look ugly due to their own fault ie. ridiculous make up, smearing poo on their head, etc and when they are otherwise intelligent but make a cock up 'wheres my hat' - he asks holding it in his hand.
A man falls in monkey wee because he was showing off, trying to do ballet.

he is now covered in monkey wee and thus looks munting and the ballet was stupid.

Therefore, HE IS A MUNTARD

It was a MUNTARDED thing to do
by blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaade December 25, 2009
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