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When you perform oral sex on a girl with the hope of getting her so turned on she won't be able to resist when you come up and penetrate her. Usually done is a quick manner so as to avoid any hesitation on her part.
I was hooking up with this girl last night who was so hot, I desperately wanted to be inside her. She told me early on she would not sleep with me so I had to pull out the patented munch and punch, worked like a charm.
by StanleySteemer October 26, 2010
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When you are eating a female out while blasting away two fingers deep until she can't stand it anymore and you have to slip it in her
This smokeshow wasn't about it I hit her with the old munch and punch. After that she was wetter than niagra falls.
by Gunner12 September 21, 2017
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