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When you can't tell if its a mum or a dad becuase it's very hairy
I saw Stig with something. It could be her mum, dad, gran, mumdad
by guh? January 18, 2005
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Is a women who raise a child primarily alone and plays the role of both a mom and a dad. She tipical has to be the strict and caring at the same time.
She is a mumdad, she get presents on both mothers day and father day.
by Ms.Quii December 12, 2015
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A parent who has a penis and a Vagina,

The child generally is a real loser, Like Irish Steve (Also in the Urban Dictionary)

`I sucked your mums cock last night, she loved it, she is such a mumdad.`
by Everyone in the world November 11, 2007
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